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Did they ever reveal how Captain America was thawed? Because I’m picturing a bunch of Shield agents with hair dryers and I don’t think that’s quite right.

I don’t think they’d want to microwave him so hair dryer is really the only remaining option. That’s how I’d do it.

Anonymous asked
hello! first of all I want to thank you so much for all of your tutorials - I love them and you're just super awesome! *w* um, but I always have trouble figuring out what to do with backgrounds ... I love your art because the backgrounds are very pleasing to the eye and soft looking! are there any tips you can give me for backgrounds? ;w;


omigosh i get this question a lot but I DON”T REALLY UNDERSTAND WHY BC I Don’t rly draw bgs?? HAHAHA UMM Idk what kind of BGS you mean but for simple backgrounds, I generally just use 3 types



I personally don’t like using the photoshop gradient tool bc i think it looks rly flat SO I DO IT MANUALLY USING A NICE TEXTURED BRUSH

if you are struggling w choosing nice colors for a gradient you can always just make use of the layer effects yeah! OVERLAY USULALY WORKS WELL W MOST COLORS if it’s a light bg and multiply is good if ur looking for something darker


and i guess the last option would just be to slap a texture or pattern onto the background!! YOU CAN DO THIS USING PHOTSHOP EFFECTS or manually with a textured pic  THESE 2 are my favorite though:


u can mix and match the 3 to get cool effects EG ADD TEXTure to the shape or whatever AND YEAH OFC YOU CAN DO LOTS OF OTHER THINGS AS WELL but these are the 3 types i use most often !!

IF you mean like complicated backgrounds I don’t really have much advice besides looking at actual pictures of scenery and stuff.. and when you draw DON”T BE INTIMIDATED!! BUILD THINGS UP SLOWLY like draw a box > add smaller boxes > add detail

I FEEL LIKE IM EXPLAINING IT RLY BADLY LIES DOWN i hope this helps you out a little ? ?



I’ve had people insist that I used 3d an photos, despite my assertion that I haven’t. You can see the thread here http://www.reddit.com/r/comicbooks/comments/2ag3ku/this_is_a_painting_iron_man_by_ryan_lang/ But this isn’t for them. This is for people that like to see the process of an illustration. I tried to break it down, but if there are any questions, please ask. I have no problem with artists using photos or 3d in their digital work, so when I say I didn’t use photos or 3d for this image, it was that I wanted to see what I could accomplish on my own (with a couple of filters at the end). And if after this process post people still refuse to believe that I didn’t use photos or 3d….. I will take that as a compliment.

Ryan laying down the law. Paint or gtfo.



This wasnt even supposed to be an Adventure Time drawing but it sort of just happened

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